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Jibhi- An Unexplored Heaven in the Himalayas

Banjar is a small town in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, popularly known as “Valley of God”. It connects Kullu to Shimla via Jalori Pass. The valley is also a gateway to Great Himalayan National Park. Banjar valley is the hub of many beautiful unexplored places. If you are not one of the Kasol crowds and want to spend time in peace with nature, this is the place for you.

Jibhi is a little known scenic hamlet in the Banjar Valley or Tirthan Valley of Himachal Pradesh and can be approached from the Chandigarh-Manali Highway. I reached Aut after an overnight drive from Delhi. The small town of AUT can be reached after crossing a long tunnel on the highway. There is another route which is on the  right just before the tunnel at AUT and one can take that road following the river and head further till Bajnar which is some 27 km from AUT and Jibhi is another 8 km further from Banjar town towards the Jalori Pass.The drive through this highway is extremely scenic with the river beas flowing along the gigantic Himalayan ranges which provide for some breathtaking views .This drive alone could be worth the entire journey.There are numerous dhabas and eateries on this route which one could enjoy while taking some pit stops.


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Dining Service

indra palace Guest House provides The Veg/Non Veg food which can suit the needs while traveling on mountains is right on the path. Satisfy your taste buds in our Restaurant made to suit your mood and style.  We serve you the widest array of mouth watering Vegetarian cuisines. Natural Spring Water is served here from Mother Nature with local Himachali foods .




Activities & Properties

fishing near indra palace

Fishing near Indra Palace Guest house

Jibhi is located on one of the most popular routes connecting Manali to Shimla and passes through Banjar Valley (through Jalori Pass).Banjar is a typical Himalayan town grown in the middle of lush green valleys surrounded by alpine meadows which is also known for the Himalayan trout fish.

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Hiking and Tracking

Sarehul Lake is some 6 km from Jalori Pass.The lake and its adjacent temple are highly revered among locals here. Hundreds of local pilgrims as well people from other regions of Himachal visit this temple every year. Pilgrims circle around the lake and pour Pure Desi Ghee on its periphery. This beautiful Trek to Sarehul Lake is largely flat with some steep patches in between and it can be easily trekked by a beginner. It takes around 2 hours to make it to Lake from Jalori Pass and you will see some breathtaking views during the trek.

Tourist Attractions around Jibhi

Sharingi Bagi temple, Chaini Fort (Trek from Sharingi Bagi Temple),Jalori Pass (3225m), Sarehul lake (5 km gentle walk from Jalori),Raghupur Garh fort (3297 m, 4 km right from Jalori pass, short descend and then the steep climb)Trek (Forest Guest houses are available in all of these villages and can be done in 5-6 days) Jibhi-Ghiyali-Shoja-Jalori pass-Khanag-Taral-Margi-Shilla-Kullu Sarahan-Bagi pul (Bagi pul offers exit to Shimla via NH 22 across Satluj). Trek is also known as Dak Runner’s trail.

River crossing near Indra Palace guest house

River Crossing can be dangerous activity if professional trainer is not with you or there been recent heavy rain. Adventurous people can very well go ahead and try out these sports. Popular areas which involve river crossings include Bhang and Aleo.

Rappelling near Indra Palace jibhi guest house

Rappelling is the controlled descent down a rock face using a rope. Climbers use this technique when a cliff or slope is too steep and/or dangerous to descend without protection. Rappelling is a technique that allows you to do a controlled descent down a rope from a cliff.

Trackking near indra palace guest house

Day hiking around Jibhi Indra Place Guest House

Just about every destination in Himachal offers the possibility of day hikes where you may leave in the morning and return by evening. Shorter walks are also possible in practically every place.